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Here are answers to a few questions we are frequently asked.


What are the daily limits for waterfowl?

Each hunter is allowed 8 ducks and 8 geese per day.  There are some species limits within those general limits which we will advise you of.

How do I get a license to hunt waterfowl in Canada?

Bittern Lake Outfitters will collect your information and have your licenses waiting for you when you get here.  If you prefer, you can secure the licenses yourself.    Total cost for all license, permits, and stamps is around $120.

Is there anything I need to bring a firearm into Canada?

Yes, please fill out the NON RESIDENT FIREARM DECLARATION FORM  in advance for the customs agent in Canada.  There is a $25 fee.

What about ammunition?

We recommend BB's to 3's for geese to ducks.   You can bring your own (check restrictions), buy it while in Canada, or we can buy it for you and have it waiting for you.

What clothing should I bring?

Please check the weather before you come but realize it can change dramatically day to day in Alberta.  Full chest waders are not necessary.  Hip waders can be useful in pothole hunts but most do well with good waterproof field boots.  CLICK HERE FOR UP TO DATE WEATHER IN EDMONTON

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